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Temples in Hamirpur District

Hamirpur Temples

In India, however small a township may be, it is sure to have at least one place of worship. Indeed, our forefathers had always constructed the House of God before they had built their own dwelling. What is more, they had used not only the finest material, but also their best skills to construct these temples and hence these abodes of God have turned out to be more than just a place of worship; they are also an architectural wonder.

Popular Temples in Hamirpur District

Hamirpur, like rest of Himachal Pradesh is dotted with temples. Some of them are big while some are small. Then again, some temples are centuries old while some are recently built; some like the Murli Manohor temple of Sujanpur Tira had to undergo reconstruction because they had been destroyed by the wrath of nature or vandalism of man. Let us now take up a tour of these temples. However, before we embark on our journey, let us clarify that the list of temples that we have complied is by no measure exhaustive. In places such as Hamirpur, that is not at all feasible. Let us instead try to describe few of the more popular temples within the boundaries of Hamirpur District.

Baba Balak Nath Temple:

Baba Balak Nath, one the most famous temples of North India, is located in a village called Chakmoh, at a distance of 45 km from the district headquarters Hamirpur.  Baba is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is worshiped for the well-being of mankind by one and all. Also known as the Deot Sidh Temple, it attracts a huge crowd every Sunday because it said to be the most auspicious day for this temple.

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Jhanyari Devi Temple on Hamirpur-Nadaun Road:

Located 6 Km away from Hamirpur town, this temple houses the ‘Kul-Devi’ or Patron Deity of the Katoch Dynasty.  Jesth Shukla Astami is a big day for this two hundred year old temple. On this day, the authorities not only hold a special puja, but also a fair is arranged to mark the occasion. Thousand throngs to pay homage to Jhanyari Mata on this holy day.

Kalanjari Devi Temple neat Hamirpur town:

Kalanjari Devi Temple is also located in the vicinity of Hamirpur town. This temple, which was also built two hundred years ago, is much revered by the residence of the region. Saints from distant land also come here to seek the blessings of Kalanjari Mata. A special feast is held in the month of Asharh. The temple authority also organizes a fair on that occasion.

Gasota Mahadev Temple on Hamirpur-Jahu Road:

Gasota Mahadev Temple

Gasota Mahadev is another temple which is located close to Hamirpur town. Situated on Hamirpur-Jahu Road at a distance of 8 Km from Hamirpur town, this temple is said to be four hundred years old. Devotees from far and wide come to this temple for a glimpse of the deity. A cattle fair, which it organized on the first Monday of the month of Jeshtha, is a popular event. A natural spring beside the temple adds to its natural beauty.

Tauni Devi Temple:

Tauni Devi Temple, located at a distance of 12 Km from Hamirpur town on Hamirpur Road-Sarkaghat Road is another old temple in this area. It is said to be more than two hundred years. Devotees offer puja to Tauni Devi to get rid of Monsoon related diseases. A fair is held in the month of Asharh every year.

Nardvdeshwar Temple in Sujanpur Tira:

The Nardveshwar Temple in Sujaanpur is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his Divine Consort Mother Parvati. This temple had been built by the Chief Queen of Raja Sansar Chand Katoch. Located on one side of the chougan, the temple is actually a work of art. Since it has been left untouched by the great earthquake of 1905, one can still see original paintings that the masters of yore had drawn on its walls. Indeed, different scenes from Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Puranas still make us spellbound. Apart from the main temple, the complex holds smaller temples dedicated to different deities such as Surya, Devi Duga, Lord Ganesha etc.

Murli Manohor Temple of Sujaanpur Tira:

Murli Manohar Temple
This temple is also located at one side of the choughan. It was built during the reign of Raja Sansar Chand II and hence it is about two hundred years old. Also known as the Banshiwala Temple, it is dedicated to Lord Krishna and his consort Radha. The temple has been artistically designed and its woodwork leaves us mesmerized even today. The Holy mela is one of the most important events of the temple.

Awah Devi Temple on Hamirpur-Sarkaghat Road:

Awah Devi Temple
This temple is also known as Jalpa Devi Temple. It is located at a distance of 24 Km from Hamirpur town on top of a beautiful hillock. It is equally approachable from Una, Bilaspur, Mandi and Knagra because roads from all these places pass through this area. Awah Devis is considered as the patron deity by the local people; but people from distant areas also come to pay homage here.  This temple is said to be more than two hundred years old and has many legends spun around it.

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